"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

but does she have it?

she was a silky haired girl  loved her mama

crazy ’bout Elvis  horses  wanted to be an

astronaut  dancer  actor      WRITER


1st love  books  cared deeply about starving kids

wanted to save people  her family too   careful

what u ask for little girl


30 yrs in the trenches of humanity  child therapy

way back when  no $$$ for dance  or the cool

drama school  where the rich mavens went


they didn’t become actors either  one a special ed.

teacher   married a dorkman in Jersey   another

long lean  bad skinned +mean   lived off daddy


reading about  it  girls in NYC  drives poet to distraction

her mother an  it  girl in Paris  beard for girlfriend’s affair

with millionaire   girlfriend’s door prize:


a baby blue cadillac  à la Jayne Mansfield  head not severed


what would silky girl think of the old lady she became?

hasn’t been on a horse since 8   prey to charlatans +pet my

chicken freaks   naïve +jaded   a not so closeted nihilist


motherless  childless  husbands galore  now free fallin into


vampires  contrarians   +non-weight bearing showers



Fall 2022 ..oh the arbitrary..oh the pointless..

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