"It's about words, and words are all I have…"


she sits right beside me in her usual seat

though dead now for 5 weeks  her soft hands

beautiful+unrigor   there on the armrest


i hold them at redlights+stopsigns  life has been

blownback  into her   reverse mortis   in death

breath devolved


now resurrected into breathing smiling motherbird!

ready to scream  OUCHHHH   at the slightest

bump  or pothole


abrruptus-interruptus  fork in the road  a deathbed

conundrum   snoring cello   ceases to sound

soon to be   in the ground


encouraging the light to return  QUEEN  of the

deathbed sunrise   MOTHERHENGE   soon we

danced like druids  at her grave


and heard the bluejay cry:

I told you i was going to die!


and told you

and told you



Winter Solstice 2022   ..okay u can send her back now  please..🕊

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