"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

sign sign

our fabulous old mare


there were  many  many  signs  in those long

last months before her death  14/11/22   at 98

and i do mean  EVERYWHERE


in dreams   in her own uncanny utterances

I’M GOING TO DIE  etc..,  (maybe not so uncanny!)

also   moving objects   flashes of light   hawks


22  small hungry ghosts  in our beds  at night   our mother

lay down  like a horse in the grass   heaved her last sigh

now  moribundus +compost


i just wish  that the  Great Unconscious  aka  Garloo 🤖

didn’t have to be so  oblique  how about a date?  what

good do all the signs do   without a fucking date?


14  hawks in the  11th month

22  ghosts    14/11/22

c’mon!   it’s not so  difficult       duh!


so   what would i have done differently you wonder?

FIRED THE HELP  +brought her home to my bed  where

she’d have wreaked havoc  for the next years


or so



Winter 2022  ..our old grey mare ..she’s free of the whiffletree..🕊

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