"It's about words, and words are all I have…"


i packed up my mother  my brother  +bits of father

glasses  lipstick (morange)  pinecones  brother now

a tree  (don’t ask)    strands of beautiful white hair


the gown she died in   blueflannel  still damp  shoulda

kept the leopardskin one  but her leopardprint chic lives

on   we all donned a piece for the deathvigil


me  the boys +Lovey  proudly  15 hrs of breathing cacophony

nurses  +staff  likely thought us daft  fuck em   they didn’t

even  know   she was in her deaththroes !


oh it’s just some medicine for her dear  medicine my asssss

step away from my mother crassss Ratchet  dignity  was key

also for  Lee+Marty


she slept sweetly to jazz tunes  blue lilacs  +more   her  (their)

possessions possess me  sewn invisibly into the  fabric of me

scrimshaw knife   star of David  Joseph   bejewelled bluebird


can they all come back now  please?  a still alive brother said: ape if

they come back  you’ll only have to lose em all over again  fuckdeath

i saw that on a souvenir mug  in a hipster store  (where else?!)


almost bought it for mother  it would have terrified her  you don’t 

mess around with the Reaper dear      until you do


..the one who remains is half ghost..

Rickie Lee Jones  Last Chance Texaco  2021

Spring 2023  ..with her today.. born Easter Sunday 1957 ..resurrection time..

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