"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

dance pigs

it was 21 years ago today  we moved into

our dream hotel  (the Buscemi)  builders

from hell  overpromised

they delivered a house so full of water+mice

Noah couldn’t save us   generations of roofers

carried 50k in $bills  waterstained+murky  from

our door

one had a lonnnnng fingernail  +snidelywhiplash

smile   he cornered me one day  on the parapet

there have been deaths too

we are both parentless  + one sibling-less   friends

have/are  succumbing/succumbed  but the light in

this house  quavers  +beggars resurrection


..i begin to weary of this motif..

(Vladimir  Waiting for Godot  Samuel Beckett)


Spring 2023  ..going home..

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