"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

what’s it all about?

scurrying in the deep freeze  though 80 degrees  yesterday

bare legs  newly scalped knee  with verdigris encrustation

pharmacist said: does it stink?  indelicate+loud  before the

Covid needle-waiting  crowd


YES it stinks!   it fucking reeks people  what with the waiting

for embalmed heart  to grow a pair  of fresh ventricles   today in

the news i read that cops in B.C.🐷  exploded a gentle landscaper’s

testicles   as he hid in moist bushes


broken nose  eyesocket  rib  voicebox  brainbleed 


..the world is replete with  absurdities+complexities  which have

the power to destroy any of us  at anytime..” (James Hollis 2001)


but clues are everywhere  +none of us remains king for very long

in the end we walk barefoot  or perhaps crawl  on suppurate knee

toward a Maker   who may or may not remember  who we are



Spring 2023  ..what’s it all about Donny?..




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