"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



STOP  cruising me  Leonard Bernstein

lookalike    I am here in this garden

cobbling together   a new identity


The cement pond in front of me     (at U of T)

is being patched for Spring

Easy to be  a pond ?  a hammer         a nail?


Inertia or pause ?  Could be

auto-immune   either right itself

or T cells will have you  for breakfast


Girl scurries by   on the fly   in yellow mini

couldn’t give 2 shits and a holler for middle

aged fodder   Body not its own worst enemy     yet


Busy plotting world domination with redcoated

frenemy     Faux Leonard inching closer to she

with half spread wings




Spring  3013      Songanddancegirl      Walt Whitman     Simon & Garfunkel

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