"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Harm-joy  is the pleasure derived from other’s

misfortune   kissing cousin of envy    A Dioscuri

of evil   Like when Brad left  sad-Jen  for Angie

& Tiger crashed his SUV


Studies show that even monkeys & dogs measure

themselves against their peers    As do poets:

The book of my enemy has been remaindered.  

(Clive James   poet)  


Take vegetarians   their very existence from a meat

eater’s point of view   is a moral irritant  (Richard N. Smith The Joy of Pain)


Or note the Conti St. Hobo’s glee:  Gnarly laugh  then  

I shoulda known better    a red-headed woman & a 

bald-headed man   When we passed his cup without

filling it up


Fat-Cats now back in the Great White North   jazz-thirsty

Wind & ice storms reign supreme  Hobo still laughing on Conti St.



Late Winter 2014

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