"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Resentment scented flowers   bitterness weed

Do you really want to wake up in a country

without men ?  Why bash them so heartily then?


Locate yourself in the thickness of things   If you

smile at the ape-man up there on the roof   he will

smile back   All thoughts of  jumping you  will vanish


He is youngish  not un-handsome  must have sisters

a mother  somewhere ?   Try this every day for a month

You will have him eating out of your hand   instead of

drooling on the shingles


Confront brutes    with words that rhyme

You will be the pied piper lady poet of your block


The man with the shovel out back will lay his coat on the

melting snow   and encourage you to join him     at the altar




Winter  2014

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