"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



creep into house after dusk  drop bikes on floor

of garage  cat with kittens  eyes glinting  it’s 50 yrs.

since  +you still remember this   grab a kitten in the

morning on the way to school  take a long scratch to

back of hand   worth it   something alive in your pocket

+in the coat closet


more alive than teacher droning on about the Voyageurs

canoes  traplines  James freakin Bay   stole your mother’s

red silk robe for the play on French Canada!  teacher impressed

you knew how a bishop dressed   not so your mother   glamorous

montrealer   hats+gloves+gowns


later at u of t studying shakespeare   a mid summer night’s dream

mother’s gown dressed the Faerie Queen   professor patricia moodie

stuck her hand inside  tickled your fancy  +read the label in near ecstasy

by GOD she cried   it’s a fucking Schiaparelli !


schiap gown



Spring 2015


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