"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



40 yrs. ago I married a 22 yr. old  whose is  today

Now he is in the youth of his old age?   I pass a worn out

mother+daughter on my way to the bus  Mother: Can I

get you lunch?   Daughter: NO    Mother: Then you’re shit

out of luck


Where has all the life-force gone?  Can you still find it in the

interstices of your psyche?   In the sparks+scents that even the

lowliest dog can follow as his nose makes a beeline for your

fingertips?  And where have those fingers been lately?  Drumming

a tune as you sit +watch the ravages of winter slouch on slow thighs

out of your park  forever?


Your park  which has transformed overnight into a blanket ridden

skunky-pot-smoke infested haven for hipsters  who Do Not Work in

daylight   A little too Vampire?   Yesterday I witnessed one dapper

hip  beard clipped to perfection  walking down West Queen West  at

dusk  carrying a gutted pig  blood dripping  on his way to some

invitation only  Rite of Spring


True story   Disturbing?   Gory?  Had you been sitting in a windowless

room of gutted children for 3 decades  LIFEFORCE  as a concept or a

thing would become highly heretical    So get out there  +enjoy the

Spring  who died for you   so you can be born  again





Spring 2016 more once.. (April In Paris  Count Basie)

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