"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Magnolia brides on their way to de-flowering

pondering cruel Spring  +promises of sex+candy

Scented gardens in a state of flox   fermenting

Autumn winds   Cherubic-tiny blonde boy  plays

under Cry Wolf sign on Ossington St.    Looks 3


Now you look closely   See  the collector  taking his

measurements    From this vantage point poised for

the denouement  promise fulfilled or not   bad case

of home stretch blues    Friends developing spinning

diseases  right+left   May need a little brain-salad surgery


Sex+candy  carrot before the donkey  who is smarter than

you+me   Pretends that carrot ( ! ) is the Great Motivator

when really he just figured out that: walking slowly in circles is

much easier than working for a living






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