"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



1876  Orillia   A gentle group of survivors work

through their pain  on a TO stage   There are tears

+humour too   They conduct themselves with dignity

In a world where a man with orangutan-orange skin

his finger now inches from the trigger  believes that

the giant silver back gorilla  Harambe  was rightfully

shot   After a 4 yr. old visited his reeking cell


While his own 3 yr. old son watched   the 400 lb. gorilla

straightened the human boy’s pants  +proceeded to fling

him against a wall +drag him through a moat  +take him to

a corner   As women shrieked   +Mommy called: I love you!


In another incident in the USA yesterday  parents punished a

6 yr.old boy by leaving him at the roadside  in bear country  He

has not been seen since


Of course orange donald was correct in the matter of the gorilla

In a world where we have captured+corralled developmentally

disabled children  +magnificent creatures from every corner of

land+sea   The .2% difference in DNA between modern man  +

giant apes gave us power   +orange donald


Harambe ape



Spring 2016

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