"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



One chunky black sandal askew in mud beside

elementary school   5 inch block heel all the rage

Visions of urban Cinderella with grimy foot  Or

carried off by 32 men  favela basement  Rio   Foot

pristine  Her teenaged dream to raise son 3  (had him

at 13)   as shattered as her pelvic bone



It’s not my uterus that hurts.  It’s my soul.

16 yr. old gang rape victim


*Now under police protection due to threats on her life

May be moved to another city  Head investigator let go

thought she was asking for it  Olympics begin August 5th

If the rape culture doesn’t get you  the Zika ridden mosquitos

surely will


**The victim is from a low-income area west of Rio and at 16

is the mother of a 3 yr. old – according to her lawyer, evidence 

that she was already a rape victim.  (Globe & Mail)





#niunamenos  June 3rd 2016 march for victims of

gender violence Buenos Aires   300 femicides in

Argentina in 2015



Spring  2016

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