"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



He spoke to me of epiphanies  +shamanic parties in the jungle

(a.k.a. findthegodwithintourism)   Apparently the use of the

drug  distilled from the Ayahuasca plant  is the new-ish panacea

for monied desperados   A Canadian doctor taking groups into

the jungle ($$$)  is lending credibility to what is otherwise known

as a weeklong vomitfest  of festering psychic terrors


In ancient traditions this was reserved for Shamans earning their

wounded healer stripes   Walking the (vomitous) walk   Personally

I am ready to try micro-dosing LSD  the latest transformation party

out of California   Another:  turn on  tune in  drop out  epiphany?

Why not just grab hold of the nearest signpost   +save some money


The one pointing toward a repetition compulsion so finessed   so well

oiled  that you actually believe yourself to be experiencing something

new! (very close to the definition of insanity)  Particularly when there

is not a scintilla of hope that this is true  i.e..,  the quality of bitterness

the antecedents of despair hidden in the many zippers of that shiny new

moto jacket  the pallor of Anderson Cooper’s thinning face  All brand new


(..wait wasn’t he always so hopelessly white?..)


And do hold onto this signpost  as you power up the nth degree of autopilot

The one where:  If it walks like you  +talks like you  +breaks just like a

woman   It is you   Or a reasonable facsimile    No one will notice   except

the most recent escapee   The one who is  so   HAPPY     (grrrrrrrrrr)


Truthfully you do not need a shamanic joyride in Machu Picchu   One person

I know said she felt absolutely no flavour of the sacred there  Not for a second

I sat in shocked silence  as she had just recently lost her soul to the food at

Balthazar   NYC


But the real lesson in the dirt of this nasty diatribe: It is epiphanic in + of itself

that you awaken in the same casing each +every day   Eyes open  comfortably numb

With or without a hard on   seeing an untethered foot at the end of your leg   until

you don’t




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