"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



He was 5 when I met him   8 when he said: If I killed

somebody would you still be my friend?  He was named

after the prophet Elijah  The one we open the door for  at the

end of the Passover seder   The one who stumbles drunkenly

from house to house drinking Manischewitz  for free  which is

likely the only way it should be drunk


Eli I replied: Yes  No matter what you do  I will be your friend

+try to understand   Even if I’m in prison?   Yes even then   He

was already shackled to a narrative of woe  Mother schizophrenic

Eli beaten +abused by various Dads  Lost hearing in right ear from

a boxing gone wrong


One day he accidentally (?) hit me  quite brutally with a plastic

golf club  Still his friend  I encouraged using words instead of fists

I who hail from the tribe of a vengeful God   He of the big 3  Tormented

Job  +demanded human sacrifice on occasion   Let my people go!


And here I stand  yet again  on the precipice of freedom   Every decade

we take stock of the prisons we live in   Dig in deeper  or tear it all down

+start over again   Exile is always the price  from: home  5000 CDs

4300 books  2 tvs   friends   family  And your father’s grave filled with

Pagan miniatures


Vengeful God  we are outta here!   Some leave on a day much like today

Sky berserk blue   Exodus the territory of:  cancer ridden  the broken hearted

+the down on their luck   Me + You?   Freedom and it’s brother  exile  generally

not for top of gamers   But maybe they are just blinded by the light of lucre

+success   And never stop to think   that in the blink of an eye  the rungs up  may

become   the rungs down





Spring  2018 1 day

Jacob’s Ladder

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