"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

ashes to







he asks   for the umpteeeeenth time


it’s a broken heart


sometimes a broken heart is just a broken heart

he continues


cause he’s so smart


aren’t all broken hearts the same in their brokenness?


no they are not


my own reeking of an old maritalcorpse  diamonds glinting


i wear grief on my middle finger  more easily presented

to the griefdeniers   unholypacifiers   +fools


we’ll give u 3 to 6 months  then we’ll drag u to bellevue

another said:    fake it til u make it


so what scares u more

my grief

or my strength?






Spring 2019 the matter of my own ashes..

scatter them in the ravine behind 52 Purdon..

at Marty’s tree UCC    at Lee’s grave..


and at the munk school reflecting pool u of t

bits of me  colourful outfits  loads of silver  where

i sat for 12 years  writing depressing poems

almost invisible

but not quite..


..some deaths , they explain, will never simply be “gotten over.”

..some mourners will never quite again “be themselves.”

(David Chariandy   Brother   ..on complicated grief  2017)

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