"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

Mollie can u hear me?

Mollie Onrot at 30  journeyed to  Antwerp from Poland

to Quebec City  from Antwerp  to the Ward   in Toronto

from Quebec City


with 4 little girls under 8

June 1910


my grandmother was the eldest  12 days on the frigid

North Atlantic  waves crash over side of ship   women

separated  from men


little girls  slip slide   ship careens   girls scream

cold+wet   fanny pearl beckie annie


where is Mollie’s husband?  horse trading below   Mollie

cancer dead at 39   one more child   a son   another wife

soon found   my grandmother never uttered  her name


said the Mayo  couldn’t save her mother

Fanny married off   at 18


nor could she be saved  from cancered brain   i’ve never

moved from my birth city  how hard can it be?  Mollie can u

hear me?



..and Yes  I said Yes  I will Yes..

(Molly Bloom  Ulysses James Joyce  1922)



Winter 2022    ..for chrissakes  get on a plane..

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