"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

endemic my assssssssss!

hands up if u are jumpingforfucking joy

since they declared the pestilence  endemic

drop the  d   switch the  ic  for an  a   and

you get what they are giving us


we the festering herd

whose leaders turned off

the globalviruswarning system


who went to wine+cheesers

(for work purposes)


who lied thru their teeth

so frequently  that death

has been declared meaningless


hey  yer virtually immortal   fer chrissakes

take off yer masks!

cavort in crowded places!

with all the shitty herdies


who spat at your feet on city sidewalks

who hoarded asswipe ad nauseam


who told u about their lunches in Puglia

as u stood in wind+bonefreeze


go!  sidle up to the unwashed antis  the

scent of whom  could knock   a buzzard off


..if from that interior place u heard a voice

say:  a shit wagon  u have smelled that smell..



Winter 2022  ..what pandemic?..

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