"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



is a new empathy game   & the challenge is

to get through it without crying   It’s about

a father whose 4 yr. old son is dying  of cancer


In the past   video game emotion  was limited to

competition  aggression  & the adrenaline pump

Apparently these new games push into deeper

emotional territory   beyond fights & races


They even have: Depression Quest  Tourette’s Quest

And also one about child abuse & alcoholism     In  That Dragon Cancer

the only way to score points  and make the dying

child stop crying   is to hit  PRAY


Antoinette Tuff does not play video games

She understands the power of prayer & empathy

intuitively  Yesterday she said to the young gunman

in Decatur Georgia: I love you  Everything’s gonna be  okay baby    


He put down his assault rifle   & prayed



*Today President Obama phoned Antoinette Tuff   but

the shooter’s brother wondered why Obama did not call

his family    


**hit PRAY


Late Summer  2013

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One thought on “PRAY

  1. Allan Cameron on said:

    Good one kid!!

    Allan Cameron

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