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take these broken wings

our parents lying sidebyside  with a bro wedged in

we druids danced to secondline swing  the soil soaked

+tadpole  (a few swimming against the shetl tide)


blackbirds singing in the dead wetlight  no brokenwings here

no bodies needed  anymore   heartbreastbladder   what for?

angels fear to tread in human form    i wonder why?


now saints +spectral   our peeps floating above paganchildren

football horse silkgown   soon the kids won’t need their bodies

+marvel at how quickly  this new reality  alights


weren’t we just destroying gardens on a bright Mother’s Day?  

cops called  wildchildren spanked by football bro  he of the oily

white ashes  resting in sacred ground


all the while  the Reaper winks

they to pizza  parking tickets

final 3rd    +drinks


hiphiphooray 🎉



Spring 2023  ..RIP  frances  lee  +marty..

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