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blonde on blonde

sitting beside a too blonde family  perfect avocadotoasts

smashed on multigrain  (26 bucks)  a chipmunk stuffed toy

brings out the aggression in me


also one crawling blondepretty   getting too close to my

extremities  i not so imaginally kickslap mr.chipmunk   oooops

now get that bucktoothed fucker away from me!


why so Oscar today poet?  i guess the first no-mother mother’s day

hangover   busybusy at the cemetery  millennials absent   the dead

not  woke enough  for them


mostly final third-ers  in fancycars  bought with shekels  from now

muddy ancestors   we linger  watching redwing blackbirds   🦅🦅

watching us


one bomb dived a brother so violently  he ran in circles  calling for our

childhood nanny  Mrs. B   likely pushing up daisies   today he told me of

a friend’s aunt who will suicide with assistance later this week


married to a man  whose first wife needed no such assistance   blonde

dybbuk now being vigorously spanked  for spitting green regurgitate

at me   by its mother  who coughbarks loudly   (with spittle)


but life goes on

and i likely need

new environs

+ my mother


Spring 2023  ..perhaps enough said..

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