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hair today gone tomorrow

we talked and talked  about girlhooddreams  +brittlerealities

as salt+pepper gnarl  fell to the floor at our feet     66 +43

she shearing me ✂️


she asked about our customs  now watching a jewish matchmaker

show   also about my  arranged  marriage to  numero uno   it was

not brief    a decade of ruin  +grief


 we talked too about virginhood  + shattered cherrydreams   about

that  thing  that goes rigid   +stands at attention  who knew?  both

with 3 bros   but neither had penis-envy     Dr. Freud

she middle-aged   me entering my dotage  wastrel+lean   a meanmachine

both still looking for that  specialsauce    a deeper well   a holier grail


she: with swiping right there really isn’t a sense of rejection   anymore

you just move onto the next potential date  do u know what ghosting is?


me:  why yes I do!    and soon I will be a ghost 👻      


for real


 ..the old woman turned, a small bent androgyne, and brooded in

a palpable miasma of rot…(Cormac McCarthy  Outer Dark  1968)


Spring 2023  ..the transmutation of ape+elvis  now complete..







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