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dr. frankencream

i sat in front of a morose neurologist  what is

this strange tinglescreetch  in my head?  rightside

unholytemple  eye  nose  jaw   now 4 times monthly


well 4 migraines are better than 16   said she   the

goal is not to  cure you   it is to beat you down with

rudesledgehammer  +unmercy


altered state walk home  alone of the alone   donut

from hell exploded onto softshiny birthday satchel

SPLATTTTTT   goes banana cream   head igniting 🧨



shortwalk back to hospital  where neurologist hunkers

+vitriolic   i grab her by 3 foot braid   so staid   so dowdy

so  i dont care about you old lady  


(this drug works on old people too..)😱


i drag her back to the donut shop  where young lithe

donutworkers  cover her in crèam-anglaise   there too  a Rottweiler

who lickbites+slobers   over her entirety


last seen sliming up  Bay St.

trailing the blackest heart

you have ever seen


creamydonutslut   be gone!


Spring 2023 ( terribly un-pc..come pillory me  +bring donuts..please)






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