"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

i love u mama u sweet

been reading biographies lately  Rickie Lee+Lucinda

as Lucinda’s mother Lucy is being taken away in an

ambulance  for dementia praecox outbreaktus  (madness incarnate)


Lucinda peers out the blinds  neighbour lady called in

or barged in  (noseyfucker)    tells her:   DON’T LOOK

but if you don’t look   you can’t intervene   save her   plan her   escape


now can you  stout neighbour?   your Jaguar does not make

you beautiful   au contraire   so i wonder   is this how one

becomes a seer?      just be careful what you see


you can unthink   but you cannot unsee   sights burned into

psyche  eviscerate +3rd degree   Annie Oakley as father called

me   would have known what to do


if all else failed she could take her gun  +shoot out the lights

so no one else could see  the ignominy of such a scene  or poke

said neighbour lady  in the ribs  with butt of glock


you think your shit don’t stink!

you Barney Rubble doppelgänger !

you shtetl rube!


mother now tucked cozy  box beside father’s box

ruby slippers glittering   resurrected   in me



Spring 2023  ..i’m 66 yrs. old and i look just like my mother..

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